Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chicken Crescent Wreath

2 tubes (8 oz. each) refrigerated crescent rolls
1C (4 oz.) shredded Co-Jack cheese
2/3C cream of chicken soup
1/2C chopped fresh broccoli
1/2 C chopped sweet red pepper
1/4 C chopped water chestnuts
1 can (5 oz) white chicken, drained or 3/4 C cubed cooked chicken
2 Tbs. chopped onion

Arrange crescent rolls on a 12-inch pizza pan, forming a ring with the pointed ends facing the outer edge of pan and wide ends overlapping.

Combine the remaining ingredients; spoon over wide ends of rolls. Fold points over filling and tuck under wide ends (filling will be visible).

Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Serves: 6-8

This is one of my husband's favorite dinners. The nice thing about this dinner is that you can put whatever vegetables in it that you want -- you could even change up the meat or the soup (cream of mushroom, cream of celery, etc.). When I made this the other night I used a can of mixed vegetables instead of broccoli and red pepper. I think my mom got this from a Taste of Home magazine, but I could be wrong. Try it. You won't be sorry.


  1. I love this recipe Tammy! My aunt used to make it for us all the time! Those crescent rolls really hit the spot! -Kristen Lee Briggs

  2. This looks like a good meal for entertaining. I will have to give it a go!