Friday, February 6, 2009

Raspberry Trifle

This recipe is so easy it's not even a real recipe, but it's delicious.
We have it for Christmas Eve, but it works anytime and you can change the flavor of filling or the fruit.


1 frozen Sara Lee pound cake (you can use fresh too)
1 large package Instant Vanilla pudding
1 package raspberries or 1 bag frozen raspberries
thawed and drained
2-3 kiwi - peeled and sliced
1 container Cool Whip (I use Lite)

Slice the pound cake in cubes. Put one half in the bottom of a glass trifle dish, or punch bowl.
Prepare the pudding as directed on package and spread one-half on top of the cake.
Layer all the kiwi along the sides of the glass container vertically so you can see from the outside and spread any remaining on top of the pudding.
Spread one-half of the raspberries (reserve about 5)
Cover with Cool-Whip
Repeat cake, pudding, raspberries and Cool-Whip
Top with remaining raspberries.
Refrigerate until serving.

So easy and always impressive!!

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